2018 CTW Workshops

Workshop: Negotiation: Prepare for Success

Everyone negotiates every day. Sometimes they are small, trivial negotiations; other times they are significant negotiations that will impact the success of your business. For those negotiations that matter to your business, are you confident that you're doing everything possible to set yourself up for success? We often assess our negotiation ability against how we preformed 'in the room'. In reality, the true ability lies in what you do to prepare before a negotiation even begins. Understanding motivators, predicting responses and having a clear plan will prepare you for almost any situation that comes your way.

Tiffany Smith, Associate Director, Global Purchases, The Procter & Gamble Co.

Tiffany joined Procter & Gamble in 2004 as a Purchasing Manager. Since then, she has held positions of increasing responsibility including Senior Purchasing Manager, Purchasing Group Manager, and now Associate Director, Purchases Capability and PS Internal Communications. Prior to joining P&G, Tiffany worked for Johnson Controls Inc. as a Purchasing Supervisor and Operational Buyer and for Daimler Chrysler, coming in as a part of the Procurement & Supply Management Training Program and then working as a Buyer.

Workshop: Together We Succeed: The Value of Innovation & Collaboration

Stephanie A. Smith, Fifth Third Bank's Vice President & Director of Supplier Diversity and Jessi Lima Bollin, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Best Upon Request will discuss how they applied innovation and collaboration to a pre-existing service to create the first and only concierge service of its kind. Workshop attendees will leave with key takeaways on how you can apply specific principles to help create business solutions, strengthen supplier relationships and ensure success.

Stephanie A. Smith, Vice President & Director of Supplier Diversity, Fifth Third Bank

Stephanie maintains, manages and monitors Fifth Third Bank's supplier diversity processes, systems and policies to ensure compliance with Federal regulatory requirements and facilitate opportunities for qualified diverse suppliers to successfully compete for the Bank's business on a fair and equal basis. With more than 25 years' experience working in the financial services industry, Stephanie is committed to helping Fifth Third establish a scalable and sustainable pipeline of diverse suppliers to meet its bottom line goals.

Jessi Lima Bollin, Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Best Upon Request (BEST)

Jessi leads the Sales, Marketing and Communications Circle at BEST, which includes marketing strategy, lead generation, customer marketing, graphic design, internal communications, public relations, and market insights roles, among others. She is a graduate of the 2009 C-Change Class IV, the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber's leadership development program for emerging leaders and of the 2010 YWCA Rising Star Board Leadership program, and WE Lead, the Chamber's leadership program for women. She also participated in the University of Cincinnati Goering Center’s Next Generation Institute.

Workshop: Stop Pitching & Start Partnering

Presenting your ideas as a supplier to a skeptical customer is difficult, but presenting your ideas as a diverse supplier to a skeptical customer is even more difficult and one of the biggest challenges in business. Yet, some suppliers present their ideas and solutions in a way that makes this big challenge less of a challenge, while also turning a skeptical customer into a potential business partner. So, why is it that even when there is no purchasing opportunity available, some suppliers are able to stay "front-of-mind" with corporate customers and others aren't? Why are your presentations failing to gain traction with supplier diversity professionals, sourcing managers and procurement executives? Why are you struggling to make others see how valuable your solution is to their company? If you're asking yourself any of these questions, this workshop will provide practical ways to secure customer interest in your products, services and solutions.

Christopher Boles, Supplier Diversity, Manager, Rockwell Automation

Christopher is responsible for Rockwell's global supplier diversity spend and all global Diversity and Inclusion strategies and programs within the Supply Chain function. He serves on various boards, including: Ohio Minority Supplier Development Council; Ohio River Valley Women's Business Council' North Central Minority Supplier Development Council; and National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce's Corporate Council. Prior to joining Rockwell, Christopher worked for Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Home Depot, and Cleveland Clinic, where he established, developed and implemented comprehensive supplier diversity initiatives.

Workshop: Building Stronger Workplaces, One Relationship at a Time!

The struggle for power and control is real! How much of your success in the workplace is based on your ability to work effectively with others? Can you gauge the strength of your career oriented relationships? This workshop is a powerful introduction that helps to explain how important relationship dynamics such as power & control and dominance & subordinance are in creating a healthy work environment. Learn tools to assess relationship health and guide one toward behaviors that create a respectful, inclusive and more productive workplace.

Maria Arcocha White, Founder & CEO, Inclusity, LLC

A leader in the diversity and inclusion field, Maria has worked with thousands of people, including Fortune 500 CEOs and senior leaders. She was Sales and Marketing Manager for Procter & Gamble, Vice President of Human Resources for R. R. Donnelley Logistics, and Executive Vice President of Pope & Associates, a diversity and inclusion consulting firm. Maria served in an advisory capacity on the U.S. Senate Task Force on Hispanic Affairs. Maria launched Inclusity in 2014 to pursue a new approach in diversity and inclusion. She facilitates in-depth culture change agent training, leadership development and executive coaching.

Workshop: Customers & Culture: Building a Great Brand Experience

So, what makes a great brand experience a great experience? It isn't the big things, but rather the small details that customers remember long after the experience has passed. We like the idea that someone else is paying attention to everything that is going on. When brands commit to this level of attention they can shape perception and cultivate the positive feelings that lead to loyalty and the creation of brand advocates. Attendees will gain valuable insights on how to create a culture that helps build an amazing customer experience. Participants will also be able to: define four steps to building an experience-driven culture in your organization; understand how to make your culture come to life and be part of your brand experience; and move beyond practices to create traditions that come from your people and truly reflect your brand.

Wendy Vonderhaar, CEO, Intrinzic

Wendy is owner of Intrinzic, a brand collaborative agency located in Newport, KY. Over the past 18 years, she has collaborated with companies to solve marketing, branding and communications challenges including P&G, U.S. Bank, Johnson Investment Counsel and Northern Kentucky University. Prior to purchasing Intrinzic, Wendy was a Manager with Deloitte Consulting where she led strategic planning and operational improvement initiatives for clients in healthcare, insurance and consumer products industries. Wendy serves on the board of The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Cincinnati, NKU's College of Informatics and the Advisory Council of United Way's Tocqueville Society.

Dave Townsend, President, Intrinzic

With more than 25 years in the agency business, Dave's career spans all aspects of strategic communications from advertising and branding, to digital marketing and employee communications. He has counseled brands ranging from Anheuser-Busch, Trans World Airlines, Disney, Tide, Ethyl Chemical, Folgers, and Square D. This broad-based experience helps him to not only be a marketing specialist, but also a business problem solver and change management resource. His career has allowed him to touch all aspects of agency management and he continues to spend most of his time ensuring all the pieces to "the puzzle" fit together - using culture as the guide.

Workshop: The Changing Face of Tradeshow Marketing...Learn how to connect with the multi - generational audience on the Tradeshow Floor

When determining the most effective face-to-face marketing and networking opportunities, why do most companies think tradeshows and events first? We will answer this question, and provide intriguing data around 'who' attends and how to maximize these engagements. Interactive discussion will identify the four most important questions when considering events. Finally, we provide an inside look how global giants JP Morgan and LinkedIn use tradeshows to successfully target top prospects and clients.

Lori Miller, Co-Founder & CEO, Exhibitpro

Lori has a passion for working with clients to help their vision to life, whether that is on the tradeshow floor or within a branded environment. Lori's expertise includes face-to-face engagement, trade show and event management, and digital marketing. She is recognized as an industry innovator for her creative ways of driving attendee traffic on the tradeshow floor, creating memorable and dynamic exhibit experiences, and developing ways to effectively track results and define ROI analytics. Lori serves on various boards and committees including: Board Chair for New Albany Chamber; Ohio Alzheimer's Association; Paint the Night Purple committee and June Cashmere Advisory Board. She supports Kali's Cure for Paralysis and Water for Good.

Blake Miller, Director of National Accounts, Exhibitpro

Blake has a background in economics and global business development and brings a business-first lens to his client's challenges. He fuses his passion for strategy, technology, and innovation, with his proven successful understanding of business, to deliver well-rounded solutions focused on helping clients grow. Prior to joining the Exhibitpro team, Blake was the Director of Business Development for the world's largest privately held translation and business-technology company, managing a portfolio of more than $5 million. Blake supports Kali's Cure for Paralysis and The V Foundation for Cancer Research.

Workshop: Orientation for Newly Certified WBEs & First Time Attendees

A crash course of "best practices" to get you started leveraging your WBENC certification. Understand the benefits of WBENC certification. Begin to navigate the corporate landscape. Get engaged in ORV~WBC to begin building WBE relationships. Learn how to speak corporate, engage your RPO, build a WBE network, use WBENCLink 2.0, and create an impactful 30 second pitch and capabilities statement.

Cheryl El-Alfi, President, Diverse Supply Chain Partner

Cheryl has been around the wonderful world of supplier diversity for 25+ years. Her business is to coach WBENC certified business owners and their leadership teams to prepare them for growth. Cheryl's expertise is in evaluation, assessment, and planning. Her corporate coaching program, "The Boost Project" offers both the Corporate Tier 1 Suppliers and the WBE Tier 2 Suppliers a strategic supplier growth plan. Cheryl is WBENC certified, is a Kauffman Fast Trac© certified facilitator, and a certified SCORE counselor.

Angela Horne, CEO & Co-Founder, MediaScript

MEDIASCRIPT helps to Make Organizations-Essential with their e-learning, video production and digital media services by developing and producing dynamic visual content. The company helps clients have a local, regional, national or global presence. Angela is WBENC certified and serves as chair for several committees through ORV~WBC. She was named ORV~WBC's WBE Advocate of the Year in 2013 and appointed to WBENC’s National Women's Enterprise Leadership Forum in 2014.

Workshop: "Are You Certifiable?" for Non-Certified WBEs

This comprehensive workshop presented by ORV~WBC is a primer for women entrepreneurs interested in pursuing and/or leveraging WBENC certification to grow your business. You'll learn about certification criteria, the certification process, costs and timing. You'll also learn how to maximize the impact of WBE certification, including opportunities for engagement, strategies to apply, and learning all about this thing called supplier diversity and economic inclusion.

Maudie Moreno, Certification Manager, ORV~WBC

Maudie has been with Ohio River Valley Women's Business Council (ORV~WBC) since 2010. She is responsible for managing all activities related to the certification program of Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and the certification process for our region of Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia. In this role, she manages the review process for over 1,200 certification and re-certification applications each year. Maudie also serves as a presenter of educational seminars and trainings related to becoming a certified WBE.